PhD in Natural Language Processing, Link Prediction and automated Literature-based Discovery at the Language Technology Laboratory , University of Cambridge. Supervisor: Prof. Anna Korhonen

MPhil in Information Retrieval (Exploratory Search) and BSc in Computer Science, at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. Supervisor: Dr. Curtis Gittens

Currently Data Scientist at Sense Street Ltd, developing Natural Language Understanding models for capital markets. Previously, Software Engineer at St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College where I analyzed existing software systems, diagnosed issues and worked on designing and implementing the new software eco-system. I also lectured in the first BSc. in Computer Science programme to be offered at home in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


The things I am currently involved in.


Writing for knowledge discovery in complex domains.

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An Exploratory Search and Knowledge Discovery engine for complex domains.

Only available through Writerflint at present.

Eastern Caribbean Technology Syndicate (ECTS)

Growing and strenghtening the Eastern Caribbean tech environment


The ways you can get in touch with me.

gkoc2 [at] cantab [dot] ac [dot] uk

gamal [underscore] crichton [at] yahoo [dot] com